Storage Solutions for Collectors Who Live in Small Spaces

Upgrading your mailbox so that your packages arrive as intended

If you are a fan of online shopping you want to make sure that packages get dropped as home as much as possible, so that you don't need to make seperate trips to the post office to pick up your goodies. Here are some things to consider if your mailbox design. 

Clearly marked street/unit number

If your mailbox is not clearly marked with the street number on the face you could find that your postie accidentally slips your packages into the neighbour's mail box. Consider having the numbers painted in a glow-in-the-dark paint so that your mail box is easily visible in the early morning hours or a dusk, so that you are easy to find at any time. 

Big enough slot

The standard mail box slot can often be designed for flat letters and envelopes. By increasing the slot height and width you can make it easier for the postie to get parcels into the slot, so that they can be left somewhere safe. It's not a good idea to go too far over 5 cm though, as the slots then become easy for children and ne'er do wells to sneak their hands into box and make off with your parcels. Having a hinged slot can make sure that mail can be put into the box, but that people cannot see inside the box to tell what has been left inside. 

Lockable back

Posties can be reluctant to leave valuable on the doorstep, as there are some terrible people out there who will steal unsecured parcels. Ensuring that your box is lockable means more valuable parcels can be left in the mailbox. Make sure to keep the mailbox keep somewhere safe so that only the right people can access the box or go for electronic lock that can be opened with a key code.  


It can be useful to leave a sign in your mailbox asking for packages. While postal delivery workers can still use their discretion in deciding whether it is safe to leave parcels, by expressing your preferences you can at least let the postman know you'd prefer to have the parcel left. 

If you want to get more of your online shopping parcels delivered to home it's a good idea to have a mailbox design that is the right size and design. Why not head to a mailbox store to explore what options might soon your home and fencing.