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Often Overlooked Features When Choosing a Storage Shed

When it's time to choose a storage shed for your home, you don't want to overlook any feature no matter how small and insignificant it might seem. This is because you want a storage shed that will work for you for years to come, so you need to ensure you take the time to shop around before you buy.  Note a few features about sheds that are often overlooked so you know to check these out when shopping and get the right shed for your home.

1. Materials

Many sheds today are made of a thick vinyl or PVC, and this makes them lightweight, easy to assemble, and very quiet during storms. However, are you thinking of using your shed as a hobby area? If so, you may want to attach shelving to the inside or outside walls. You may also want to hang trellises to the outdoor area of the shed to make it blend with the landscape. You may not be able to safely drill through vinyl or PVC as you can metal or wood in order to hang hooks and connectors. When choosing the material of your shed, note whether you would ever need to drill through it or cut it in any way and if so, how easy that would be for you.

2. Building codes

Always check building codes before you buy a shed, even a small one for lawn care tools. Your city may limit the size, the material, and the placement of the shed; for example, if it needs to be set back a certain distance from an alleyway or your neighbor's property. This can affect the size of the shed you buy, the direction the doors will face, and so on, so be sure to check these codes first before you buy.

3. Slab or placement

Different sheds will need a different slab or area for placement; larger sheds may require a cement slab so that they don't sink into soft dirt or soil. This can be costly, especially if you cannot put down the slab yourself and need to call a concrete contractor. If you want to put down river rock or another type of flooring for a shed that doesn't need concrete, you need to consider this cost as this too can add up and especially for larger sheds. You may also want to invest in stronger anchors for your shed than what is provided with it, if you live in an area with high winds or strong storms.