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How to Prepare and Pack Electronics for Self Storage

If you are planning to put electronic equipment into storage, you will need to take extra precautions to ensure it stays clean, dry and safe. Below are some top tips to help you to prepare your electronic goods for storage.


Before packing electronics, make sure that any batteries are removed from remote controls and other accessories. Over time, batteries can begin to corrode, which can damage electronic components by leaking acid.


You should ensure that any media such as CDs, games cartridges and DVDs are removed from electronic equipment. If media is left inside electronic equipment for any length of time, it can begin to warp and deform, destroying the media and damaging the equipment.

Back Up

Before storing a PC or laptop, you should back up important data using an external hard drive or online cloud storage. While you are highly unlikely to lose your data during storage, you can never be too careful.

Disconnect Cables

You should disconnect any cables and wires from electronic equipment. This will help to eliminate stress on the plugs and sockets. Use tape to secure cables to their corresponding appliances so you don't have any problem finding them when you unpack. You should keep any smaller components in a separate plastic bag and secure any plastic bags to their accompanying appliances, as well.


Where possible, pack the electronics in their original packaging and boxes. If you do not have the original packaging, find a box of a similar size. Place the item inside and then use newspaper or styrofoam peanuts to pad and protect the item. You should wrap any TVs and monitors with bubble wrap to help to protect the screen.

Label Everything

Just as you label each box you place into storage, you should label individual components and parts of your electronic equipment. This will help you to avoid mix ups between different cables, connections and wires.

Dust Sheets

You should wrap boxes in fabric dust sheets. Avoid using plastic sheets as they are much more likely to cause damage due to changes in humidity. The dust sheets will help to protect your equipment from dust and debris which can build up on circuit boards.

Climate Control

It is worthwhile looking for a self storage unit which features climate control. Swings in temperature or moisture can damage or destroy sensitive electronic equipment.

If you are planning to store electronic equipment for an extended period, you should call self storage professionals in advance to seek advice about the suitability of their units.