Storage Solutions for Collectors Who Live in Small Spaces

Can I Run a Business From a Storage Unit?

There are now many people running businesses from self storage units. So it could be something that you consider, depending on the type of business that you have. There are various benefits to running businesses from a storage unit, but are you able to take advantage of them? Here are some questions to answer to determine if you can run a business from self storage.

How Big Is Your Business?

Before you decide on a storage unit, think about the size of your business. A multinational company would struggle to work from a small self storage unit. Family-led businesses will benefit more, as they won't need as much stock or space. It's almost like starting your business from your home.

If you intend to keep your business small, then a storage unit can be beneficial. But what if you grow your business over time? There is the option of moving to a larger unit. You can then move on to actual business premises if you really need to.

Small- to medium-sized businesses can definitely start off in self storage units.

Do You Need 24 Hour Access?

Some businesses work around the clock, while you may only offer a 9-5 approach. Not all storage units will offer 24 hour access, so if you need it, the unit may not be the best place to work from on a daily basis.

That doesn't mean a storage unit isn't beneficial. You can store stock over time and visit the unit during the opening hours.

What About the Address for Customers?

If a customer sees that you're using a storage unit for your business, it could set off alarm bells for them. They may wonder if you are a scam firm or are close to selling up. This is why you will need to think carefully about the address you use on invoices or documentation for customers.

You can organise a virtual address when necessary, so your customers never have to find out. Your work can be done from the storage unit without your customers ever finding out!

It is possible to start and run your business from self storage. This can be extremely beneficial to do, and you can ask for your units to grow as your business does. It will depend on the type of access you need and whether the unit in your location is willing to offer that. Now could be the perfect time to start your business from a self storage unit.