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The Large Family Move: How to Survive a Move with a Large Family in Tow

Moving house is never easy. With a million and one things to remember, like contacting your energy supplier and hiring a reliable removalist in your area, one wrong step can turn what should be an exciting time into a nightmare. It comes as no surprise then that a recent survey by E.ON, conducted in the UK, found that 61% of adults rated moving more stressful than divorce. When you add children to the mix, things can go from bad to worse unless you are fully prepared. 

Australians are constantly on the move according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and from 2007 to 2008 families with children accounted for one-quarter of all recent movers. 

Moving a large family doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, with a little teamwork and organisation having a bigger family can work to your advantage.

Create a Checklist Beforehand

One huge advantage to having a big family is the division of tasks. Create checklists, lots of them, and before the big day ensure you have covered everything down to the smallest detail. Give each of your older children their own list of tasks to complete before and on the big day.

Prepare Your Kids

Moving can be especially tough on kids. You'll need to prepare them mentally for the upcoming change. Before the move, gradually immerse them in their new environment. Visit the new home, discuss plans, choose bedrooms and talk up the positives of the move. It is usually the uncertainty that scares children. Reassure them by involving them as much as possible from the start. 

Get Your Kids Helping Out

Never underestimate the power in numbers. Before the move have your kids go through their things and eliminate anything they no longer need. On the day, depending on numbers, pair them up and have them work in teams. You'll get more work done, and the activity will keep their minds from dwelling on the negative side of things. 

Pack Clothes and Essentials for Those First Few Days

The bigger the family, the longer it will take for you to find the essentials once you have completed the move. Prepare a personal pack for everyone, one that includes several days worth of clothes, paper plates, plastic cups, utensils and even nappies for your youngest.

Send Little Ones to Grandma's 

On the day, send your youngest ones to grandma's so they are not under your feet as you move.

A Laptop is Your Best Friend

An open laptop placed nearby will reveal weather, offer maps, online communication and perhaps most importantly, provide a distraction for bored little ones.

If you are planning on moving soon, don't fret over the size of your family.  This should be a time for excitement and wonder as you explore your new home and its environment. Follow these steps and your move will run smoothly. For assistance, talk to a removalist.