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Making Money for Movers: How to Make Some Extra Cash to Hire a Removals Company

Moving home requires a lot of investment on your part. Not just in terms of time, patience and planning but also in terms of logistics. Moving not just your entire family, but the entire contents of your house to another property means that if you choose to go it alone, without the help of professional removalists, especially when moving interstate, you might feel like you're trying to move mountains—not home.

However, moving from one state to another can also prove to be expensive. You might not have enough money left in your kitty to hire removalists.

If this is the case, fear not because there are several ways that you can rustle up some extra money before your interstate move.

Invite Friends Over for First Dibs on Your Unwanted Furniture

You probably don't want to take all your furniture with you when you move. Some of it will be too bulky and not worth the hassle. A simple and swift way of selling off any furniture you don't want is to invite your friends over for first dibs on any unwanted furniture.

Just remember that they are doing you a favour by taking the furniture off your hands. That means you should probably make the whole affair fun, with food and drinks, and also allow them to place offers on whatever catches their eye.

Create a Craigslist Store for Unwanted Junk

Put aside an area in your house, maybe a spare bedroom, and turn it into a Craigslist store. Then gather up all your unwanted junk, especially the things that you keep holding onto for a rainy day that never comes. Once everything is gathered and neatly displayed, take some pictures and upload them to Craigslist.

Any interested customers will then be able to visit your home and view all the items together, which could even lead to more sales!

Trade in Unwanted Computer Games for Cash

If time is of the essence you can also take any used and unwanted video games that you might have, to a local video game store. Most stores allow you to trade in old games in exchange for cash, so this can go towards hiring a removals company for your upcoming move.

Advertise on Local Facebook Selling Groups

This is probably one of the simplest methods of selling off your junk before you move. Join up with as many local selling Facebook pages as you can, and snap away. People will pay a lot more interest in items that are displayed, rather than simply described, and you could end up selling off most of your unwanted junk, whilst making a pretty sum.

As long as you start trying to sell off your unwanted things at least several weeks before you plan to move, you should be able to rustle up enough money to put towards hiring a removals service for your interstate move. Not only will you be making some money, you will also be making some extra room in your new home.