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How to Prepare Your Caravan for Off-Season Storage

During the on season, your caravan can transport you and your family to campsites, natural wonders and exploring opportunities of all sorts. Once the summer ends, however, you may not have the time or the right weather for adventuring.

Many owners choose to store their caravans during the off season so that the vehicle doesn't take up space on their properties. Below, we list the steps necessary to prepare your caravan for this type of storage.

Choose a Secure Storage Location

The right storage location is essential. You want a storage location that protects your caravan from potential hazards like water and sun damage and theft or vandalism. Unless you have a suitable outbuilding on your property, you will probably want to reserve a spot at a storage facility.

Research local storage facilities. Ideally, you want a garage space, but an outdoor parking space can also work as long as it has a carport-style covering or you have a sturdy caravan cover.

Clean the Caravan Completely

Once you place your caravan in storage, you may not access it again until the next summer. Anything left in your caravan while the vehicle is in storage could become damaged or could damage the caravan interior. For example, markers and other writing utensils can bleed if they become too warm.

Empty out your caravan. Be sure to check inside all your drawers and cabinets to ensure that you don't miss an item that you might need or that might cause problems, such as food or cleaning solvents.

Additionally, remove any items that could potentially tempt thieves. Even in a secure storage location, you want to ensure that your caravan won't be considered a target. Clear out any electronics, custom items and most, if not all, of your personal belongings.

Have a Thorough Inspection

To stay in good working order, your caravan needs an annual inspection. Ideally, you should schedule this inspection either right before storage or right after. The benefit of having the inspection before storing your vehicle is that the work prepares your caravan for storage and readies it to drive directly off the storage lot come summer.

Your mechanic will likely remove the water and gas tanks during the inspection. These canisters should be emptied and stored in a climate controlled area.

Use these guidelines to ensure that your caravan is ready not only for off-season storage but for your future road tripping adventures as well.