Storage Solutions for Collectors Who Live in Small Spaces

How to Secure Storage With a Lower Cost

Do you need to use a storage facility? Whether it's for a few weeks or a number of years, there are ways you can lower the costs without compromising on quality. From calculating your space carefully to using dedicated services, there are plenty of ways to lower the cost of using a storage facility. 

Calculate the amount of space you need in advance

While it's tempting to select the biggest space available to ensure everything fits, you'll save money if you take some time to calculate your storage needs. To do this, go through each room individually and make a list of the items you need to store. Your storage provider will then help you calculate how much storage you need, preventing you from paying for too much space.

Pack your stuff neatly

When you walk into your storage unit, don't just throw everything in haphazardly. Before you move everything in, pack items into sturdy boxes. You need sturdy boxes for two reasons. First, it protects the items inside. Second, it allows you to stack them on top of one another, allowing you to use the space vertically as well as horizontally.

When it comes to certain items, such as furniture, you might struggle to place it into a box. At this stage, you'll need to dismantle each item and slot it in like you're playing a game of tetris. At the staff at the storage facility are adept at such tasks, you can ask them for help if you're struggling.

Use a service that's local to you

Unless you want to spend lots of time driving between your property and the storage facility you choose, it's best to choose one that's local. This is extra important if you need to use it to store items for your business or those that you want to sell on an auction website, as you'll make more visits than most people. When you choose a local service, you reduce your petrol costs.

Consider using the company's additional services

Some storage facilities offer additional services that make your life easier. This includes transporting the goods for you, stacking everything neatly, and packing the items appropriately. If this saves on time you could spend working, you'll earn money rather than take a day off to move your stuff. Additionally, your goods are less likely to encounter damage when a professional packs them.

Many of these measures don't just make your storage cheaper, but they'll make your goods safer. If you need further advice, ask the professionals at your nearest facility.