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2 Tips For Those Who Want To Get Shelving Units For Their Storage Units

Putting freestanding shelving units in a storage unit is a good way to keep its contents organised, and keep the unit itself looking neat and tidy. Here are some tips for people who want to get this equipment for their storage units.

They should choose the right type of shelving units

It's important for people to get the right type of shelving units for their storage units. They should, for example, ensure that the bottom shelf of any shelving unit they buy is at least an inch or two off the floor. The reason for this is that whilst storage units are normally watertight and are at almost no risk of flooding, the floor of a person's storage unit could still get wet if, for example, a person drops a tub of paint whilst trying to carry it out of the unit. If in this situation, the bottom shelf of each shelving unit in the storage space is a few inches above the ground, there chances of the spilt paint seeping onto the items on this shelf and damaging them will be far lower.

Additionally, because most storage facilities don't allow their customers to make significant changes to their storage units, it might not be possible for a person to drill holes into their storage unit's walls, to secure the freestanding shelving units to them and keep them stable. With this in mind, those who decide to get shelving units for this type of space should ensure that they pick relatively heavy ones that are short and wide, instead of tall and narrow. A heavy shelving unit will be less likely to tip over if anyone pulls at it or bumps into it. Likewise, a wide and short set of shelves will have a low centre of gravity that will also reduce the likelihood of them toppling over.

They should ensure that any boxes they buy for their units will fit on the shelves

It's important for anyone who plans to buy cardboard or plastic storage boxes, for the items they plan to put on their storage unit's shelves, to ensure that these boxes' dimensions are equal to or slightly smaller than each shelf's dimensions.

If they order boxes that are a bit too big for their shelving units, and the packed boxes then end up hanging over the edges of the shelves they're placed on, they'll be more likely to fall off the shelves (particularly if they're full of heavy objects). Furthermore, if the storage unit itself is compact and there are boxes sticking out from each set of shelves, it will be hard for anyone to make their way around the unit without hurting themselves by bumping into these protruding boxes. Lastly, if the boxes don't fit neatly on each shelf, the presence of the shelving units won't make the storage unit look much tidier or more organised than if the boxes were simply stacked on the floor.